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Welcome to Sakura Dental Practice, here in beautiful Okinawa, Japan. The dental surgery that caters for all of your oral hygiene needs, with modern facilities and English speaking staff.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

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Meeting Your Oral Care

With care that is tailored to you, whether you need an examination, cleaning or the latest preventative treatment.

Our professional cleaning will leave you feeling 100% satisfied!

English Speaking Staff

Here at Sakura Dental, we understand the need to cater for our English speaking patients.

We have several team members who can meet this need for you who speak fluent English.

US Dental Insurance

We are pleased to inform you that here at Sakura Dental, that we can accept most forms of US Dental Insurance for our overseas patients.

We can check your dental benefits and eligibility. We can also help with correct insurance claim form filling for you. All you have to do is send it directly to your insurance company!

TRICARE – No Paperwork & NO Prepay!

Speciality Treatment

For all of our Adult and Children patients, we use Doc’s Best Cement. This helps to both protect and extend the life of teeth.

This treatment scarcely cuts teeth unneccessarily, and does not pull out any nerves.

Special Infection Care

Here at Sakura Dental, we use POIC-Water system, throughout the whole waterline of the surgery.

The water spray / mist emitted by dental devices is instantly sterilized by low doses of POIC-Water, into the water system, in order to prevent the spreading of infection to other patients.

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We are A Full Service Dentistry Practice

Sakura Dental prides itself on the fact that it is a fully inclusive Dental Practice that caters for the whole family, as well as any visitors to our Country. We offer a wide range of Services in our Modern Surgery.

We always use the most modern and latest Dental techniques available, giving you the peace of mind that you will receive the utmost professional care throughout.

We pride ourselve on being extremely innovative and are always looking at new ways in which we can ensure that the latest Innovative Technology is used at our surgery.

You can rest assured that each of our Dentists and Technicians are qualified to the highest standards, and have many years experience in Dental Practice, as well as ongoing training.

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098-989-9986 日本語

4-7-9 Mihara Okinawa City Japan

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